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New Construction Commercial & Residential Plumbers and Gas Fitters in Nanaimo

JD Plumbing will work with you to design a plumbing system that not only works within the architectural parameters of your home but is also practical enough to function for normal household use. We know building a new home in Nanaimo requires a lot of important decision making, which is why we will take the time to discuss your plumbing requirements and help you create your house into a home.

Our responsibility is to provide you with the most up to date and innovative solutions for your Nanaimo home. We are constantly being made aware of the impact our lifestyles have on the environment. We continually strive to find the best products that are energy efficient and cost effective. We hope to eliminate many of the hassles you are faced with when something goes wrong in your home by utilizing our systems to streamline the process, making your job as efficient as possible while still providing excellent customer service.

From design to finish our experienced team will provide the expertise needed to ensure your plumbing project is completed within critical time schedules and budgets.


Some of JD’s plumbing & heating services include:

  • Gas
  • Air Conditioning, Heat Pumps & Ventilation systems
  • Boilers, Central and In-Slab Heating
  • Domestic Fire Sprinkler Systems
  • Eco Friendly Solutions – Solar & Rainwater Recycling
  • Roofing
  • Drainage