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Backflow Protection in Nanaimo

Backflow can be caused by back pressure or back siphonage. Back pressure occurs when the water in your home has a higher pressure than the water coming into your home, while back siphonage occurs when the water in your home has a lower pressure than the water coming into your home. Essentially, the end result of either of these cases is a mixing of clean and contaminated water. If your drains are draining out and not down, your home is in need of some serious emergency attention. Backflow can leak toxic substances into your water supply and jeopardize your household’s health! While most commercial locations have proper backflow prevention devices installed, many residences do not, making your home at risk for dangerous accidents.

Backflow can be very dangerous over time, to prevent it from becoming a health hazard, contact JD Plumbing & Gas.

Backflow Preventers

Backflow preventers are quite possibly the most important part of your automated home sprinkler system. If there is a problem in the preventer you can run into a variety of dangerous health issues caused by a contaminated water supply. You need to make certain that your drinking water is free of contaminants, and a faulty preventer means that you could be facing serious problems.

In Nanaimo and the surrounding area, the CRD states Backflow preventers installed in residential irrigation systems are required to be tested tri-annually (once every three years). All other backflow preventers installed in or at a residential property must be tested annually. If you have problems with your backflow preventer or simply require testing, please contact us.