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Bathroom Sink Installation & Repair

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Sink installation

The sink that you choose for your own personal use should not only fit your style, but also has to be expertly installed. If not done correctly, it could result in lots of unpleasant future issues. We, at JD Plumbing & Gas have the experience to assure your sink is installed with attention to detail. We can recommend best manufacturers with our superior industry knowledge. We can also replace your old sink and add garbage disposal if desired.

Sink Repair

Non-professional or DIY bathroom sink installation often leads to problems like low water pressure, poor draining, and stubborn odours. Plumbing issues may result from common daily tasks such as shaving, hand washing, toothbrushing, and other general hygiene practices. Shallow drains can also be a problem, especially when combined with pipe clogs. As water flows from the faucet into the sink bowl, the water should ideally flow directly into the drain and down the pipe. However, a shallow drain will sometimes cause water to remain in the bowl and drain slowly, creating standing water. Inadequate sink drainage in conjunction with hair and soap build-up can quickly lead to a clogged sink and undesirable odours. Cleaning the sink may help prevent clogs and unwanted smells, but this should only be considered a temporary fix for an improper installation. To guarantee your bathroom sink is installed properly, be sure to hire a licensed plumbing professional like JD Plumbing & Gas.