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Have low water pressure in Nanaimo?

Low water pressure can certainly be a cause of irritation among households. It makes even some of the most routine tasks like dishwashing and showering frustrating and time-consuming. Before you can deal with this common plumbing issue, you should first try to find out what could be causing it so you can seek the appropriate remedy. Low water pressure may be caused by any of a number of large and small plumbing issues. For instance, faulty pressure regulators may be to blame. A pressure regulator is a small, bell-shaped device typically installed below a home’s main valve or near the water meter. While primarily designed for heavy duty, they’re not immune to failure. Another possible cause of low water pressure is easy to detect: leaks. Even the smallest leaks can do no good to a home’s water pressure. To determine if your pipes have leaks, read the meter (not your bill). First, shut off all water taps, then take a reading of the meter. Do another reading two hours later. If water usage has increased even with the taps shut, there’s a good chance you have a leak.