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If you have a boiler that needs repair or servicing, or you’re looking to get a new boiler, we can help.

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Boiler Service in Nanaimo

JD Plumbing can help with your boiler servicing in Nanaimo and surrounding cities. Regular boiler servicing is vital to ensure that your boiler is running safely and efficiently. Poorly maintained or faulty boilers present a serious health risk to you and your family, because they can cause fatal carbon monoxide poisoning.

When should I arrange a service?

Arrange a boiler service with JD Plumbing at least once a year to ensure your boiler is operating properly at all times.

Most people choose to have their boiler serviced in the winter, when it is used the most. You may want to take this into account when booking your appointment. It may be worthwhile booking your service in advance or in a different season, such as the summer.


What does JD Plumbing do during a boiler service?

  • We will inspect your boiler and controls to make sure they are operating safely.
  • The inspection will include checking your boiler for corrosion and leaks.
  • Your boiler casing will be removed to check the functioning of its main components.
  • A gas pressure check will ensure your boiler is operating at the correct gas pressure.
  • A flue test will ensure that no unsafe emissions are being released from your boiler.
  • Your boiler’s parts will be cleaned as required.
  • Your boiler’s casing will be put back on and properly sealed.