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Heat the floors in your home with an energy efficient radiant heating solution.

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Never Fear Cold Floors Again.

Heat emission from the human body occurs mainly via four mechanisms: radiation, evaporation, conduction and convection. Humans feel most comfortable when they can regulate at least 50% of their heat emission via radiation.

As an example, you feel warm when you stand in direct sunlight, even on a cold day. While the air temperature may be cold, the warm radiation from the sun feels nice. With radiant heating, the entire floor of your home can be a warm heat source, radiating heat to warm your skin. As an added bonus, all of the objects on the floor warm up, so no more ice cold chairs.

Room-by-room control
Do you like your bedroom a different temperature than your bathroom? With radiant, you can create many zones in your building. That means you could maintain a warm floor in a bathroom, while keeping the adjacent bedroom cooler.

Flexibility in architectural design
Architects love radiant, because you can reduce the HVAC clutter in a space. Radiant heating is often used for floors, but can also be installed in walls and ceilings.

Energy efficiency
Low supply water operating temperatures and large surface areas are key for reducing fuel consumption. In best cases, the water for a radiant system is warmed by energy-efficient, condensing boilers or renewable energy sources.

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